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BULKS SMS or SMSMARKETING involves sending unlimited quantity of text messages (SMS) bearing your name or company name as sender to subscribers on mobile networks. You can reach large audiences, individuals and groups instantly. SMS is the only medium of communication that enables instant communication to a targeted audience no matter their number.
Bulk SMS is very effective when deployed for

  • Product Launch
  • Advertising products or services
  • Sales Promotion
  • Brand Awareness
  • Market Research
  • Advert Based Promotion
  • Mobile Coupon
  • Wedding Invitation
  • Birthday Invitation
  • Annual General Meetings
  • Political Awareness/Campaign
  • Special Seasons Greeting

SMS marketing is the most cost effective advertising strategy, as the readers get the message, their forced to read it, and eventually find the words sinking into their mind sub-consciously, thus guaranteeing that the target is never missed. The message can also be re-read and passed on easily.

The following reasons make SMS Marketing more advantageous than other forms of marketing:

  • Cost effective - You can save up to 90% in advertising cost.

  • Personal- Its an effective direct communication to the individual

  • Viral – Research reveals that those who get the message often tell others about it and by that the message spreads.

  • High Reach- 25% response rate at first contact and up to 45% with multiple contact

  • Prompt delivery – Anytime, anywhere the message gets there instantly

  • Sure reach – All who receive the messages are forced to read it at least once, thus the target is never missed.

  • No boundaries - SMS is the only medium that enables almost instantaneous notification of a targeted group of people, regardless of their location!

At Ideal Web Solutions we provide additional services to boost your SMS Marketing campaign.
We provide well crafted messages that are pushed to your target audience. You may have your own phone number list or for an additional fee, make use of our ever growing database of phone numbers.

>> Our Bulk SMS Prices | Contact Us


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